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Cool Things You Can Do With DVE – Part 1

Posted by Yaron Ilani on April 3rd, 2011

Yaron Ilani, Apps. Consultant, Synopsys

A SystemVerilog test bench could get quite complex. Typical projects today have thousands of lines of code, and the number is constantly on the rise. However, standard base class libraries such as VMM and UVM can help you minimize the amount of code that needs to be rewritten by providing a rich set of macros that substitute long lines of code with a single line. For example, the simple line `vmm_channel(atm_cell) defines a standard VMM channel for an ATM cell with all the necessary fields and methods, all under the hood. All you have to do is instantiate the newly defined channel wherever you need it.A close cousin to the SV macro is the `include directive which basically substitutes an entire file with a single line. This is a neat way to reuse files and enhance code clarity.

But what happens when you need to debug your source code? Indeed, macros and `includes allow for less clutter and enhanced readability, but at the same time hide from you pieces of code you might actually need access to during debug. Fortunately enough, DVE ships with some new cool features that give you quick and easy access to any underlying code and thus taking the pain out of debugging a SystemVerilog test bench. Let’s see some of them:

Macro Tooltips

Hover your mouse over a macro statement and a tooltip window will pop up displaying the underlying code – very useful for short macros. The tooltip’s height can be customized to your liking!

Macro Expand/Collapse

Macros can be expanded interactively so that the underlying source code is presented in the source file you are viewing. Very powerful!

Hyperlinks / Back / Forward

Clicking on a macro/include statement will take you to the original source code or file.

Don’t worry, you can always go back and forth using the browser-like Back/Forward buttons.

To sum up, DVE offers a really comfortable way to debug your SystemVerilog source code – be it plain code, macros or `included files. While keeping you focused on the important part of your code, DVE provides quick and easy access to any underlying code. And thanks to the Back & Forward buttons you can skip back and forth between macros, `included files and your main source file as smoothly as you would in your internet browser. This really takes the pain out of debugging a modern SystemVerilog test bench.

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