Verification Martial Arts: A Verification Methodology Blog


Posted by Amit Sharma on August 17th, 2012

On August 8, Synopsys announced the launch of, a technical community site focused on system-on-chip (SoC) verification engineers and users of verification IP (VIP). This is a new resource which will be meant to provide relevant forums and blogs focused on verification of industry-standard protocols and bus interfaces.  Through the resources and blogs  on this  community driven portal, I expect that  engineers can accelerate their understanding of  intricacies and foibles of each protocol and also effectively leverage industry-available verification IP to verify these protocols while employing methodologies such as UVM, OVM and VMM.

With the increasing number of complex protocols used in SoCs, verification engineers face a tough challenge to quickly acquire the protocol expertise needed to verify a SoC as well as all of its on-chip fabrics and off-chip interfaces. The challenge is made tougher by the frequent release of new and more sophisticated generations of protocols to improve performance, power and quality of service. Verification engineers must complete many tasks requiring both protocol and methodology expertise including developing environments, integrating VIP, using and modifying test sequences, debugging complex protocol results and analyzing coverage data.  The site would  aggregate information from industry experts across the verification community, providing best practices and ideas for better verification performance, protocol debug, methodology, verification planning, coverage management and ease-of-use. I  am sure most of the discussions and blogs in would be relevant to the folks who follow the Verification Martial Arts blog and I would encourage everyone to register and start contributing at :